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OEM SS insulation film pressure sensor-SMP6080 series

    Measuring Range:  -100kPa…0kPa~20kPa…70MPa

    Imported chip Laser trimming

    SS 316L Hastelloy C titanium tantalum and other materials for special applications.

    φ19mm×15mm standard OEM pressure sensor

SMP6080 series of OEM standard Stainless steel insulation film pressure sensor core has the same shape, assembly size and sealing methods with foreign mainstream similar products, can be directly replaced. Each product's production has adopted a strict aging, screening and testing processes, to ensure excellent quality and high reliability.
This series of products can be reliably used in hydraulic systems, industrial process control and other application.

 Measuring Range:  -100kPa…0kPa~20kPa…70MPa
 Imported chip, Laser trimming
 SS 316L, Hastelloy C, titanium, tantalum and other materials for special applications.
 φ19mm×15mm standard OEM pressure sensor

 Industrial process control
 Gas, liquid and vapor pressure detection

 Level measurement

Outline construction (unit: mm)

      Range<20MPa                                                                                Range≥20MPa

Construction condition
Diaphragm material SS 316L
Housing material SS 316L
Pin Wire Kovar/100mm silicone rubber wire
Back pressure tube SS 316L (gauge and negative pressure only)
Seal ring nitrile rubber

Electrical Condition
Power supply ≤2.0 mA DC
Impedance input 2.5kΩ ~ 5 kΩ
Impedance output 2.5kΩ ~ 5 kΩ
Response (10%~90%):<1ms
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,100V DC
Overpressure 2times FS, ( 0C/0B/0A/02 5times FS)
Environment Condition
Media applicability fluid which has no corrosion on stainless steel and nitrile rubber
Shock No change at 10gRMS,(20~2000)Hz
Impact 100g,11ms
Position Deviate 90° from any direction, zero change≤±0.05%FS
 Basic Condition
Environment temperature (25±1)℃
Humidity (50%±10%)RH
Atmospheric pressure (86~106) kPa
Power supply (1.5±0.0015)mA  DC

Recommended installation structure (unit: mm)


①    :When installing O-ring or PTFE ring, keep PTFE ring installed in the side without pressure;
②    :Screw cann’t  be lifted to the sensor housing;
③    :The figure shows the installation of elastic ring with holes;
④    :The picture shows the pressure transmitter suspension installation, to make sure there is a gap between the radial and axial of the sensor ring and the base, to avoid pressure is transmitted to the sensor diaphragm.
Parameter (@1.5 Ma DC)

Item Min. Typ. Max. Units
  ±0.1 ±0.25 %FS,BFSL
Repeatability   ±0.05 ±0.075 %FS
Hysteresis   ±0.05 ±0.075 %FS
Zero output     ±2.0 mV DC
FS output 45 100   mV DC
Compensated temp. range 0~70
Working temp. range -40~125
Storage temp. range -55~150
Zero temp. error   ±0.75 ±1.0 %FS @ 25℃
Full temp. error   ±0.75 ±1.0 %FS @ 25℃
Long term stability error   ±0.2   %FS/year
Note:1. The above performance indicators are tested under the benchmark conditions
2. The temperature range for temperature drift test is the compensation temperature range
Electrical connection
4 +OUT Red
10 -OUT Blue
11 -IN Yellow
12 +IN Black
●Order information
SMP6080     OEM metal film isolation pressure sensor
  Range Code Measurement range Pressure Type Range Code Measurement range Pressure Type
0B 0~20kPa G 12 0~2MPa G/A
0A 0~35kPa G 13 0~3.5MPa G/A
02 0~70kPa G 14 0~7MPa A/S
03 0~100kPa G/A 15 0~15MPa A/S
07 0~200kPa G/A 17 0~20MPa A/S
08 0~350kPa G/A 18 0~35MPa A/S
09 0~700kPa G/A 19 0~70MPa A/S
10 0~1MPa G/A      
  Code Pressure Type
G Gauge pressure
A Absolute pressure
S Sealed gauge pressure
  Code Electrical connection
1 Gold-plated kovar pin
2 100mm Silicone rubber leads
  Code Special measurement
Y Gauge pressure type can be used to measure negative pressure  Note
SMP6080-0B-G-1-Y   the whole spec   Note
Note:When the gauge pressure is measured, it will affect the zero and full value of the sensor. At this time, it is different from the value specified in the parameter table, and the customer will be fine-tuned on the follow-up circuit.
Note: We can provide assembly or welding products once we confirmed the sketches customer offer.

Order notes
1: To avoid sensor instability, please pay attention to the installation size and installation, to avoid pressing the sensor front and rear surface.
2: When using a gold-plated cotter pin on a wire, please use a soldering iron below 25W under low temperature soldering within 3 seconds to avoid heat transfer to the sensor.
3:Because the sensor will be irreparably damaged when welded by improper welding method, if you need the secondary welding of the sensor, please contact us, we can provide good welding components directly.


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