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Multi-function calibrator


    • Measure volts current (with loop power) resistance and continuity test.
    • Measure source volts current resistance temperature detectors (RTD) thermocouples (TC) frequency and ohms.
    • Calibrates transmitter 
    • IP67. 
    • Support PC communication
    •  Accuracy: 0.05; 0.02


1 Function                

  • A split-screen display. The upper display allows you to measure volts, current (with loop power), resistance and continuity test. The lower display allows you to measure and source volts, current, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), thermocouples (TC), frequency, and ohms.
  • Calibrates a transmitter using the split-screen.
  • The measure of thermocouple provides automatic reference junction
  • Automatic and manual cold end temperature compensation for TC.
  • Manual stepping and automatic stepping and ramping.
  • Super-strong protection:The waterproof grade is IP67. Automatic protection against the signal terminals connect to the 220V.
  • Support for PC communication

2 Summary of Source and Measure Functions       

Function Measure Source
DC V 0~50V (the upper display ± 30V) 0~10V
DC mA 0~24mA (the upper display ± 24mA) 0~24mA
Frequency 1.000Hz ~ 100.00kHz 0.00Hz~20.000kHz
Resistance 0~3200Ω 0~3200Ω
DC mV 0~100mV (the upper display ± 200mV) 0~100mV
RTD Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100 Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
TC E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N
Others Loop supply, Step, Ramp, Dual display
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