Dead Weight Testers

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Vacuum Dead Weight Tester

    Measuring range: -0.1~0.25   -0.1~0.4   -0.1~0.6

    Accuracy: 0.02 0.05

    Working medium: air.




The vacuum deadweight tester (hereinafter referred to as the pressure gauge) is mainly used to test the precision pressure gauges (Range: -0.1~0.25MPa; Accuracy: 0.16%, 0.25%, 0.4%).

Accuracy: 0.02 0.05;  working medium is air.

Basic principle and structure

The piston-cylinder system and the weight load apply to nominal effective area of the piston to generate standard pressure, and the pressure is transmitted to precision pressure gauge through working medium.

The basic structure is shown in figure 1. There are piston system, trimming valve and six valves on the pressure gauge base.

                 Figure 1(Schematic diagram of structure principle of deadweight tester)

Technical parameters:

              Model       CWZ-2.5T          CWZ-4T        CWZ-6T
         Measuring range(MPa)       - 0.1~0.25          -0.1~0.4         -0.1~0.6

Connection: M20 x 1.5 (or user defined)
Dimension: 560 (L) ×410(W) ×550(H) mm

Order notice
Order must indicate: model, product name, measuring range and accuracy.

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