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Resistive Pressure Transmitter-SMP8009 series

    Range: -0.1MPa…0MPa~0.01 M…100MPa
    Reliable safe and easy to use
    Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
    Measurable gauge pressure absolute pressure and seal reference pressure
SMP8009 series of general piezo-resistive pressure transmitter is developed and produced by our company, it is a kind of piezo-resistive pressure transmitter which can be adjusted on zero and full-scale output.
It uses high stability, high reliability piezo-resistive pressure sensor and high-performance transmitter dedicated circuit, and the performance is stable and reliable. This pressure transmitter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, hydrology, geology and other industries for fluid pressure detection and control.

n  Range: -0.1MPa…0MPa~0.01 M…100MPa
n  Reliable, safe and easy to use
n  Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
n  Measurable gauge pressure, absolute pressure and seal reference pressure

 Petroleum, chemical industry, electric power
 Urban water supply,
 hydrologic exploration
 Hydraulic industry

●Outline structure:(Unit: mm)
              Hirschman                                                                               Cable

Pressure parameter
Range -0.1MPa…0MPa~0.01 M…100MPa
Over load 2 times@ FS 110MPa(take the small value)
Pressure type gauge, absolute or sealed gauge
Electric parameter
Output type Current type Voltage type
Power supply 9~30V DC 12~30V DC
Output signal 4mA~20mA DC(2 wire) 0/1V~5/10V DC (3 wire)
Load resistance ≤(U-9)/0.02 ≥10k
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,100V DC
Construction parameter
Housing SS
Sensor SS 316L
Seal ring Viton
Cable ∅7.5mm special cable for Polyethylene
Protection class IP65(plug) IP68(cable)
Ambient parameter
Media applicability Fluid which has no corrosion to SS 316L and Viton
Compensation temperature -10℃~+80℃
Operating temperature -30℃~+80℃
Storage temperature -40℃~125℃
Performance parameter
Accuracy ±0.25%FS(Typical) ±0.5%FS(Max.)
Zero temperature coefficient 0.03%FS/℃(≤100kPa); 0.02%FS/℃(>100kPa)
Full temperature coefficient 0.03%FS/℃(≤100kPa); 0.02%FS/℃(>100kPa)
Long term stability ±0.3%FS/ year(Max.)
Electrical Connection

Pin 2-wire 3-wire
   1 (+V) (+V)
   2 (0V/+OUT) (GND)
   3 Null (+OUT)
Pin 2-wire 3-wire
  1 (+V) (+V)
 2 (0V/+OUT) (GND)
3 Null (+OUT)

Electric Connection for transmitter output 2-wire 420mAD

Electric Connection for transmitter 3-wire 0/15VDC

Order information

SMP8009 Universal piezo-resistive pressure transmitter
Range Pressure range: -0.1MPa…0MPa~0.01 MPa…100MPa
[0~X]KPa or MPa X: Actual pressure range
  Code Signal output
E 4mA~20mA DC
F 1V~5V DC
J 0V~5V DC
V 0V~10V DC
  Construction material
Code Diaphragm Pressure port Housing
22 SS 316L SS SS
24 SS 316L SS 316L SS 316L
  Code Other
B1 Plug connection
B2 Cable connection
PC3 Flush diaphragm, G1/2 male
PC5 Flush diaphragm, M20×1.5 male
C3 G1/2 male
C5 M20×1.5 male
G Gauge
A Absolute
  S Sealed gauge
SMP8009 -[0~100]kPa – E – 22 - B1C5G    the whole spec
Order note:
1:Please try to fully understand the pressure detection point of the media status, pressure range and other working conditions. To avoid the unnecessary losses caused by unreasonable use of the product.
2:Although the product has designed a variety of protection measures, but for extreme applications, such as the scene with strong lightning applications, should ensure that the power supply grounding, and install anti-lightning protection device to minimize the probability of product failure. 

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