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Pneumatic Dead Weight Tester

    Model: QTZ-6/QY-6/QY-25/QY-40/QY-60/QY-70/QY-100
    Measuring range:(-0.1-0.25)MPa (at least 5kPa)、
    Accuracy : 0.005%、0.01%、0.02%、0.05% of Reading
Working Principle:
Mechanical dead-weight testers or primary standards are the most accurate reference instruments for pressure. Their functional principle is based on the physical principle of pressure = force/area. Mass pieces placed on the top of a piston-cylinder system are the source of a precisely defined force.  By producing a certain (counter) pressure inside the pressure balance equilibrium is achieved: the mass pieces, including the free-running piston of the piston-cylinder system, are floating, which will lead to a very accurate pressure at the test port.
Pneumatic dead weight tester is pressure reference instrument with high accuracy, which media is air and can measure and calibrate gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum. 
Pneumatic dead weight tester is superior to hydraulic dead weight tester in perdurability, sensitivity, repeatability, accuracy.

Model: QTZ-6/QY-6/QY-25/QY-40/QY-60/QY-70/QY-100
Measuring range:(-0.1-0.25)MPa (at least 5kPa)、(-0.1-0.4)MPa、(-0.1-0.6)MPa
Accuracy : 0.005%、0.01%、0.02%、0.05% of Reading
Applications: dead weight tester traceable, digital pressure gauge, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter calibration.
Masses: Non-magnetic stainless steel
Media: Pure Nitrogen
PCU: Tungsten carbide

Special features   
 Sensibility up to 10mg
 Measuring system is equipped with new structure.  Change Pressure vacuum cover and reversing valve to measure positive pressure and negative pressure.
 With filter unit, it prevents dust into dead weight tester.
 With vacuum and positive conversion valve, the DWT can be connected with vacuum pump and Nitrogen cylinder.
 Base is made of AL

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