Dead Weight Testers

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Automatic dead weight testers

Automatic dead weight tester is same function and accuracy with manual DWT.
Special features   
1. Pressure system and weights system are automatic operation 
2. Weights is mirror weights, which is anti-dust and keep long term stability.  The weights monitoring system real time report the weights condition; weights is pneumatic drive without hand touching.
3. Anti-broke piston system, control system wrong doings protection, and ambient condition monitoring.
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Connection: M20*1.5 or other adapters
Ambient condition: 20±2 ℃, RH: ≤95%
Control screen: 7" TFT touch screen.
Technical specification   
Pressure range (PR60): 10~600bar, each calibration will be set automatically as your range or user defined points.
Accuracy: 0.05%, 0.02%, 0.01%, 0.005%
Pressure stable time: user defined 0~10minutes
Screen with instrument operation instruction

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