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digital pressure calibrator-CWY300

    • Model: CWY300
      Pressure measuring range: -100kPa~60MPa  
      Accuracy: 0.02%F.S   0.05%F.S 

      Current measuring range: (0 ~ 30) mA;  ± (0.01%rdg + 1.0μA)
      Voltage measuring range: 
      (0 ~ 30)V;  ± (0.01%rdg + 1.0 mV)
      Clock function





CWY300-the intelligent digital pressure calibrator is developed and manufactured by with independent intellectual property right, it is mainly used for calibrate pressure transmitters, pressure switches (controllers), the general pressure gauges, precise pressure gauges, blood pressures, or other pressure instruments, and can also be widely used in the precise measurement of pressure.   

Technical data                         

  • Pressure range: (0-600) bar
  • Accuracy: 0.1%FS/ 0.05%FS
  • Pressure unit: Pa; kPa; MPa; psi; bar; mbar; inH2O; mmH2o; inHg; mmHg; kgf/cm2
  • Display: 7 digits display with backlight (settable e.g. 5 digits; 6 digits)

         Auto temperature compensation

Storage capacity: 80 files in total, Max : 60 records/per file, settable.

 Electrical measuring data      

            Item Resolution Range Indicators
Voltage measurement 0.01 mV (0 ~ 30)V ± (0.01%rdg + 1.0 mV)
Current measurement 0.01 μA (0 ~ 30) mA ± (0.01%rdg + 1.0μA) 
Switch test If the switch with power, the voltage range is (1~12) V
24V output (24±0.5)V,    maximum capacity: 160mA

 Environmental conditions              

 Ambient temperature:(10~50)℃
 Relative Humidity:<95% ( no condensation)
 Atmospheric  pressure:(86~106)kPa
 Storage  temperature:(-20~70)℃
Power supply : Power supply: internal battery; USB interface power supply or special adapter power supply;
Battery working time: about 60 hours, 24V with the corresponding reduction; Battery charging time: about 3 hours

II Other indicators   
Dimensions: head 250mm*200mm*110mm Weight: about 0.7kg
Communication interface: USB+RS485 Connection: M20x1.5 (M)
Electrical connection: 4mm banana plug

III Software              

CWY Software kit

Software function    

Instrument parameter setting, real-time data reading, historical data query,
real-time data, historical data export to the computer, data generation EXCEL record table and other more functions.


Additional function: temperature display
 pressure calibrator-CWY300

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