Pressure Transmitters

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Digital pressure transmitter-SMP 8001 series

    Range: -0.1MPa┅0MPa~0.01MPa┅100MPa
    Display real-time pressure value with display screen
    Easy to debug the zero and full scale.
    Reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection
    Anti-lightning anti-pressure impact
    High precision high stability high reliability

SMP8001 series general digital pressure transmitters use a SS
insulation film silicon pressure sensor as a signal measurement components, and do zero and temperature performance of wide temperature range by using the dedicated IC circuit on the transmitter.
The product can be used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, hydrological and other industrial processes on-site pressure measurement.

 Range: -0.1MPa┅0MPa~0.01MPa┅100MPa
Display real-time pressure value with display screen,
Easy to debug the zero and full scale.
Reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection
Anti-lightning, anti-pressure impact
High precision, high stability, high reliability

 Industrial process control
 Hydraulic measurement
 Pressure measurement of various harsh environments

●Outline construction (unit: mm)


Pressure parameter
Range -0.1MPa┅0MPa~0.01 MPa┅100MPa
Overload 2 times FS or 110MPa (take the min.)
Pressure type Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed gauge pressure
Electrical parameter
Power Supply 12~32V DC
Output signal 4mA~20mA DC(2-wire)
load voltage ≤(U-12)/0.02Ω

Construction parameter
Housing Explosion-proof cast aluminum housing
Sensor Stainless steel 316L 
Sealed-ring Viton
Protection class IP65
Environmental parameter
Media applicability Fluid which has no corrosion to Stainless steel 316L and viton
Compensation temperature -10℃~80℃
Medium temperature -30℃~80℃(LCD display:-20℃~80℃)
Storage temperature -40℃~125℃(LCD display:-20℃~80℃)

Performance index
Accuracy ≤±0.1%FS(Min.) ≤±0.25%FS(Typical) ≤±0.5%FS(Max.)
Zero temperature coefficient ±0.03%FS/℃  (≤100kPa) ±0.02%FS/℃  (>100kPa)
Full temperature coefficient ±0.03%FS/℃  (≤100kPa) ±0.02%FS/℃  (>100kPa)
Long term stability ±0.2%FS/year(Max.)

Electrical connection


Terminal definition
terminal definition
OUT+ positive input /+V
OUT- positive output/+OUT

Order information
SMP8001 Series universal digital pressure transmitter
Range Measurement range:-0.1MPa┅0MPa~0.01 MPa┅100MPa
[0~X]kPa or MPa  X: Actual measurement range
  Code Signal output
E 4mA~20mA DC
  Code Other functions
N no display
M3 3½bit LCD digital display instrumentation cone
M4 3½bit LED digital display instrumentation cone
C3 pressure port  G1/2 G1 / 2
C5 pressure port  M20×1.5 G1 / 2
G Gauge pressure
A Absolute pressure
S Sealed gauge pressure
SMP8001 -[0~100]kPa – E - M3C5G        the whole Spec.
Order note:
1:Please try to fully understand the pressure detection point of the media status, pressure range and other working conditions. To avoid the unnecessary losses caused by unreasonable use of the product。
2:This product can be up to 20KHz at high frequency response applications, but still needs to communicate with our company to install its application to meet the normal needs.
3:Although the product has designed a variety of protection measures, but for extreme applications, such as the scene with strong lightning applications, should ensure that the power supply grounding, and install anti-lightning protection device to minimize the probability of product failure.



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