Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauge-Model CWY122

    • Range: -100kPa~100MPa (or user defined)
    • Accuracy: 0.1%F.S; 0.05%F.S
    • 5 digits display with backlight
    • Low temperature/time offset 
The model CWY122 digital pressure gauge is energy-saving, adopts international advanced measuring circuit, precise and reliable temperature compensation.  It is also upgrading product of traditional pointer type pressure gauges.

l  Calibrate general pressure gauges, precision pressure gauges, other pressure gauges;
l  Precisely measure pressure value, analyze pressure changes, control pressure.
l  Use in laboratory and directly use on site.

5 digits display, t, it can be used in poor light conditions with backlight.
The gauge was tested temperature compensation; aging, and MAX/MIN values can be saved automatically.
High stability: low temperature drift, low time drift, strong anti-interference ability.
11 pressure units: mmH2O, mm

Measuring range: -100kPa~100MPa (or user defined)
Accuracy: 0.1%F.S, 0.05%F.S
Sampling rate: The measuring rate can be user-defined to match the type of measurement required.
If rate is 1 operation per second, the battery life is 2,000 hours;
If rate is 1 operation per 10 seconds, the battery life is 8,000 hours;
If rate is 8 operations per second, the battery life is 500 hours.

Ambient conditions:
Operating temperature:(-10~50)℃
Relative humidity:  <95%
Atmospheric pressure:(86~106)kPa
Storage temperature:  (-20~70)℃
Working medium:Non-corrosive gas or liquid compatible with 316L SS
IP grade:     IP65
Overload capacity:120%
Communication:    RS232


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